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About Us

We are a Massachusetts based FFL that was established in 2018. We strive to bring you great service, exceptional knowledge and incredible prices each day. Have questions reach out to us today!

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Our Services

All Gunsmithing available on a drop-off basis only. Typical turnaround for basic services is 5 business days.

Handgun Work

Install Basic Trigger Kit (e.g. Apex Duty/Carry) $25
Install Advanced Trigger Kit (e.g. Apex Forward Set Sear) $40
Install Sights - no fitting required $25
Install Sights - fitting required $75
Mount Handgun Optic (Zeroing +$10) $35
Zero Red Dot (Standalone) $25

Long Gun Work

Install AR Trigger $35
Boresighting $25
Mount Red Dot $25
Mount Scope $50
Stock &/or Forend Install/Replacement $50

Compliance Work

Pin Stock $40
Drill Break $20
Muzzle Break Weld $40

Face to Face Instore Transfer - $35.00

Please make sure both buyer and seller have their LTC/FID along with your state-issued pin number.

Incoming Transfers (out of state from another FFL) - $30.00 for pistols $50.00 for rifles

The price of the transfer will include receiving the firearm at our location, completing State and Federal forms, calling in NICS background check, reviewing necessary disclosures and recording the transaction per BATF rules and regulations.

MA Compliant – Please be sure to contact us to confirm the transferred item is MA compliant and conforms to all Massachusetts laws and regulations.

Defensive Dynamics will only transfer firearms that are compliant with all Mass laws and regulations. Determining what firearms are Mass compliant is very difficult. If you want to have a firearm shipped to us you must follow these steps:

1. If the firearm is a handgun verify the model is found listed on the “Approved Weapons Roster” (make sure the exact model is listed... understand that even if the firearm is listed on the “Approved Weapons Roster” it does not mean that the firearm is Mass compliant):

2. Email us to request permission before you have the firearm shipped to us ( Do not ship the firearm until you get an email response from us authorizing you to ship the firearm.

If you have a firearm shipped to us that is not Mass compliant you are responsible to pay a shipping and handling fee to have it shipped back. Firearms not picked up within 30 days may be subject to daily storage fees. Non Mass compliant firearms left in our inventory for 60 days will become the property of Defensive Dynamics.

Shipping – Include your full name, address, telephone number so we can notify you when your item arrives.

Outgoing Transfers (out of state to another FFL) - $40.00 for Pistol $60.00 for a Rifle

Packaging of a firearm for shipment ranges from $15-$30 per item depending on the size and weight. If you choose to package your own item, there will be no charge to package. All packages must be open when brought to transfer to verify serial numbers and other required information.

Shipping – Based on the size, weight, insured value and location being transferred to.

Police Department pick-up – Varies/item

For all firearms being held at a Police Department, there is a $90.00 pick-up fee per firearm. Which does not include the transfer fee per item of $35.00. As an example 10 items (10x90)=$900 plus (10x$35)=$350. $350+$900= $1250.

We are happy to assist you in the sale of your firearms. Please contact us at (508)-203-6761 to arrange a Police Department pick-up.

All Ammunition Sales are Final!

Picking Up Items From Our Retail Store

If you intend to pick up an item from our retail store that you have ordered, please allow 3 working days before pickup. Be sure to call in advance to see if your order is ready.

We must charge the Massachusetts sales tax (6.25%) if you pick a gun up from the retail store. (You should see this amount calculated into your order before you complete your purchase).

If you are not a legal resident of Massachusetts and hold a valid firearms license you cannot pick up a firearm from our store; you must have the gun transferred to a dealer in your state.

Returns & Exchanges

No returns or exchanges on firearms.*

Returns, Exchanges, and In-Store Pickups must be arranged within 7 days of receipt.

Returns must be unopened and in original packaging to receive return credit.

A 20% restocking fee is applied on Returns, Exchanges, and In-Store Pickups that have not been picked up within seven days.

Defective items are not warranted by Mass Firearms. Returns of defective merchandise are subject to manufacturer approval.

When returning products we recommend the use of an insured and trackable shipper such as UPS or FedEX. Defensive Dynamics does not refund shipping costs, or cover return shipping. We will not accept COD or damaged packages.

*If you purchase an Item online you are unable to own it in your state and it needs to be shipped back to us. There is a 20% restocking fee and you are liable for all shipping costs. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Defensive Dynamics is not responsible for any typo errors, pricing errors, omissions, inclusions or any other errors on our web site. We do our best to not make mistakes, but if you find one please let us know. We reserve the right to change the website at any time.

Website Information

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Sell us your used firearms

Have unwanted firearms? A relative passed away? Need some extra money?

We buy collections ranging in size from a single firearm all the way to hundreds of firearms. Please contact us at (508) 203-6761 if you would like to sell a collection of over 20 firearms so we can set up a time to meet with you.

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